Dining Room Inspiration Board

Happy Monday, darling friends!

It’s been such a crazy weekend. My mom flew up to San Francisco on Friday night so she could drive down to Orange County with Bruce and me on Saturday. Isn’t she the sweetest? 🙂 Yesterday, I saw my sister, Kaori, and my dad, who got teary-eyed when Bruce ran up to him with open arms saying, “Ji-ji-!” (Japanese baby language for “Grandpa.”) And today is the start of long long to-do list!

Before I go off to complete some of those tasks, I thought I’d share our dining room mood board that I put together. It’s very feminine with a touch of hilarious. 😉 Here’s the list of items:

Lasercut Wooden Lampshade by Min-jon (I want all their gorgeous lampshades!)
Docksta Table from Ikea
Rosanna Cakestand
White KitchenAid Mixer (Brandon gave this to me on our 3 year anniversary!)
Signature Teapot & Teacup by Cristina Re
Mimosa Curtain Panels from ZGallerie
John Lewis Alphabet Mugs
Love Tea Towel by StudioPatro
Louis Side Chair
Miix Spoon Set
How To Set A Table by Cake with Giants (A gift from my friend, Bryce.)
Lionel Richie Spoon Rest by LennyMud (Seriously, this cracks me up EVERY time I see it so I’m going to have to get one for myself!)

Do you have suggestions on how to set up a small dining area? I’d love to hear!

Lots of Smiles,

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