Condo Progress & Working With My Dad

Since I’ve been back in Orange County, my dad has been giving up his weekends to help me fix up the condo. This past Saturday, we put up the new closet system (photo above) and on Sunday, we put up the closet doors, spray painted both bathroom lighting fixtures, and took care of a few more minor fixes. My mom and sister, Kaori, watched Bruce for me so I was able to contribute a little more than the other days. 🙂 Thanks to my dad, I’ve made so much progress and now I only have contractor projects, patching and painting minor holes, replacing some light bulbs, cleaning, and packing to complete.


At the end of the day, I’m usually left feeling I owe a lot to my family, in this case specifically, my dad. He’s still not fully recovered from breaking his wrist and he gives up his one and a half day off to work on projects he doesn’t benefit from. That’s one sweet father for ya! 😉 But I realized last night that I’m glad I get to spend this time with him, working together, side by side. It’s a rare moment so I’m even more thankful for it. Growing up, he would always be the one teaching my sisters and me how to fix things, how to improve our athletic skills, and how to work hard for our family. As we got older, those moments decreased so it’s nostalgic to be able to be able to be learning from him again. I’m glad that Bruce has been exposed to seeing more physical labor too. On one of the days my dad and I were scraping the old calking off the bathtub, Bruce came in to watch. My dad said to him, “Bruce, look at how hard your mom is working. Watch her and remember it. Never forget it.” I choked up and scraped even harder. My dad is a man of few words so this was a touching moment. Although Bruce may have not understood or may have forgotten about it by now, each time I now tackle something, I smile and my dad’s words give me that extra push to try harder for my son. 🙂 Thank you, Daddy!

Have you gotten a chance to work with one or both of your parents lately? Does it bring back childhood memories too?

Lots of Smiles,

One thought

  1. This totally brought tears to my eyes when I read what you dad said to Bruce. That is so special and I’ms so glad you got to spend these past weekends with your dad. When you said he’s spending his 1 and a half day off to work on projects that don’t benefit him, I thought to myself “He’s absolutely benefiting from this! He gets to spend time with his daughter who he’s so proud of.” Now that’s beneficial. You both will always have those memories together, and anything that benefits you, benefits him–I’m sure of it. Love you guys so much. This is one of my favorite posts 🙂


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