Crafting with Bruce Vol. 2


dyeing easter eggs

Good morning, darling friends!

This weekend, we got our craft on and dyed eggs for Easter! 😀 It was both Brandon and Bruce’s first time so it was extra special. You can view the animated photo above for a glimpse. We ended up with a few cracked eggs but that didn’t stop the fun. 😉 Bruce’s favorite part was the mixing and peeling off the tape. After he’d take off all the tape on each egg, he’d hold it up saying, “Whoa!” Brandon tried to make Bruce’s face but his egg ended up looking more like Wilson from Cast Away. (His words, not mine.) Lol!



a heart, wilson, bruce’s / brandon’s initials


I love how the eggs that Bruce decorated turned out. Look at all those colors! And in case you’re wondering how we made these, I saw this Martha Stewart egg dyeing tutorial on Pinterest and thought it was easy enough for Bruce too. Our version was very loosely based on those instructions though (clearly) as they came out pretty different. But I love ours nonetheless. 🙂


Did you dye eggs this weekend? I’d love to see! 😀

Lots of Smiles,

Here’s a look at our first Crafting with Bruce post!

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  1. I think I watched this GIF like 20 times, while making all of their faces right back at them, without realizing it. lol. Love it 😀


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