Living Room & Bedroom

Sofa2-72Welcome to our living room / bedroom!
Well, it’s one side of it but we’re not ready to share the crazy busy office side of it yet. 😉 Like the rest of our place, it’s a work-in-progress but it’s a good start, no?


Everything in our home except the sofa bed is what we already owned before the move. We’re trying not to spend much until we know what we want and know what would work for us and our new place. Since our old bed was too big and because the room was going to be used for multiple purposes, we decided to forgo the traditional bed and look for other options. We did a ton of research and considered many different solutions but we stumbled upon this beauty, tried it out, and bought it at a huge discount since it was a floor model! 😀 Not only was it the perfect color, style, and size, but it fit our tiny budget. It was meant to be! The back of the sofa can be brought down to create an even surface for the bed. (Does this make sense? I’m very bad at describing things.) As far as comfort, it’s very comfy as a sofa and if you’re sleeping on the seat portion. The back part is a bit more stiff so Brandon and I switch off once in a while.


Our nightstand doubles as an entryway catchall and offers a lot of storage to hideaway a lot of clutter. (Don’t mind Bruce’s folding chair under the sofa.)



The weekend before we worked on Bruce’s room, we hung up the picture ledge above the sofa bed. At first, I debated whether or not to hang anything on the clean white walls but the boxes and boxes of picture frames and tchotchkes were haunting me (and taking up space) so we decided to put them up. I’m happy we did since it made it feel more like home. Our home.

In case you’re planning to use a picture ledge with Ikea ledges, it’s a good idea to hang the bigger frames directly on the wall because they will fall very easily. Not only do we live in a state with frequent earthquakes, but this wall has a staircase running behind it, an entryway door on the left, and continues down to our downstairs neighbors who tend to slam their door. So it shakes quite often and we didn’t want to risk anything falling on us. I haven’t secured the little other things, but if you want to be extra safe, you could use sticky dots for light objects. I’ve only had the mini penguin fall once but I think it was just because he was sneaking around the house when we weren’t looking. 😉


I was so happy to find my Pingu and Pinga cups after this move! I don’t think I had a chance to unpack them after moving to our condo. They remind me of the good times I had when I was a kid visiting my relatives in Japan… and they’re penguins!


And this guy loves photo bombing so I had to add him in. 😉


If you spot the changes in the background decor, it’s because I had to take photos another day when Brucie wasn’t able to sneak up on me. Hehe.


I’m dying to change out the pillow covers! I want to add some pink and was thinking of making pillow covers out of this curtain. Do you think it’d be a waste to cut them up to sew pillow covers out of it? I love them and was hoping to use them, but none of our curtains are long enough to cover the sliding doors without having to take down the blinds. Is it crazy that we want to put the curtains above the blinds? I think so. So maybe we won’t be adding window treatments in this room. Haha! We’re also on the lookout for a storage solution for our bedding. We’re currently using a wicker basket but it’s much too small that the duvet spills out of it. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear!

Well, that’s one part of our living room / bedroom! Maybe if I’m feeling brave enough, I can share the office side next week. Maybe. 😉 Have a wonderful Monday!

Lots of Smiles,

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