New Business Cards

I was in desperate need of updating our My Dear Darling business cards because they still had my Novato Post Office Box address. That’s five addresses ago! I actually stopped using them once we moved into our Huntington Beach condo and made these hand stamped cards instead. I use thank you cards more often than business cards so I didn’t feel the need to design new ones until now.


I’m working a lot more and have some amazing opportunities and projects coming up so it was time for a new design that matched my updated website.


I had these digital mock ups that I would create for nearly all my clients before I would make their personalized penguins. They were sitting in my digital library for years, begging to be used elsewhere. I had many ideas of using them for pinback buttons, magnets, shirts, posters, etc. but decided this was the perfect time to use them. 🙂 Here are the five different designs as of now:


I’m planning to add more designs! Do you have a favorite penguin you’d want to see? 🙂



I got my new business cards printed through MOO because they offer printfinity where they can print different designs on one side of your card! How awesome is that?! Not only am I happy with the quality but my cards arrived a lot quicker than I had expected. (I ordered these a week after I ordered cards for a client from another company and my Moo cards arrived a week before the others!) So, this is my shameless referral link where you get 10% off your order and I’ll get MOOlah – credit towards my next order. 😉

Do you like the new cards? Do you think I should make collectable pinback buttons or magnetes out of each of the penguins? 😀

Lots of Smiles,

P.S. If you’ve ordered My Dear Darling products and you have a little time, would you mind leaving a review for me? Thank you! ❤

4 thoughts

  1. Do you like the new cards? –YESDo you think I should make collectable pinback buttons or magnetes out of each of the penguins? 😀 –YES YES YES!
    😀 Loooove this so much, Akiyo!!! I think this is a really fun direction for MyDearDarling!!


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