Bits of My Workspace

Happy Monday, darling friends!

I had an amazing weekend with friends and I’m starting this week with a smile. On Saturday, Courtney invited Roe and me to share a table at her California College of the Arts Spring Fair to sell some of our items and had a delicious dinner at her home afterwards. In between the Fair and dinner, we stopped by Ikea and ran into a few friends (Bruce’s girlfriend)! It’s moments like these when we’re surrounded by loving friends that I feel so happy and thankful. ❤

I made a few purchases including the aloe vera plant above. Aloe vera always reminds me of our childhood home where we had a few plants lined up outside the backyard windows. Anytime my sisters or I would get cuts or bruises, my mom would break off a piece, peel it, and bandaid it on. I grew up thinking it was a magical plant that fixed everything! If only, right? 😉 Now that I have a son who often gets cuts and bruises, I’ll have a natural healer right at my fingertips. That is, if I don’t kill it.


Another purchase from Ikea was a Snille office chair. They fit my body perfectly. It’s not my ideal office chair, but Brandon and I figured we could get something that’s comfortable enough for now until we save up to buy a better one. I was using the dining chairs before this and it would kill my back everyday because there was no support. So far, I’m loving my Snille. 🙂 I did have a hard time choosing between the hot pink and the white. But I chose white because I figured I could just put a pink cushion if I wanted to add color… Or maybe paint a pattern in pink? We shall see!


The fair had so many amazing handmade items from CCA students but when I saw they had a glass sale, I knew I was going to go home with something. My love for white ceramics and glassware is… ridiculous. Ridiculous because I have no place to put all my purchases but I just can’t say no. Anyway, Courtney took me to the glass workshop and she found this penguin looking vase and I knew this was it. Oh, but if I could, I would’ve bought a lot more than this! There was also this super cute floral cart by Vivian Truong, who makes felt flowers. I really wanted some but I needed time to think about which ones I’d want so I just took her business card. 🙂 You can check out her Etsy shop, The Fiber Florist. They are just as beautiful in person as they are in the photos.

And since I’m already sharing a few photos of my workspace, I thought I’d add a few more…


Boxes and baskets… and more boxes behind these which is why I’m not ready to share the entire office. 😉


YouTube taught me how to crochet granny squares. I’m determined to make a blanket. I’ll share more photos and links to videos when I’m closer to finishing or when I’m done with it. (Don’t hold your breath though, it might take a few months.)


And one of my favorite groupings of my white ceramic collection. This makes me smile. Everyday. 🙂

What makes you smile on the daily? Do you like your workspace? Do you have an addiction to white ceramics or glass too?

Lots of Smiles,

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