Introducing Emi Darling

Niko & EmiHappy Friday!
I think it’s about time I introduce to you Niko’s long time partner, Emi Darling! It’s been almost two years since officially giving Niko his name and last month, I finally sat down and thought up a name for his lady. You know, the one that shares his affinity for dress up. 😉 She’s the Boba Fett to his Darth Vader, his Tinkerbell, and sometimes his bride. Oh, look at those love birds above! So in love.

As some of you may know, Niko’s name came from the Japanese onomatopoeia that describes a smile, “niko-niko.” And since my signature is Lots of Smiles, it was only fitting that I stuck with the smile theme and came up with “Emi” from the Japanese word “hohoemi” which means smile. So yes, Niko & Emi Darling. I hope to share more of them!

Aren’t they such a cute pair? 😉 How do you feel about the name? Hope you like it as much as I do! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Smiles,

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