We Turned Five!

Wedding 2008Wedding 2008

Wedding 2008

Today marks Brandon and my 5 year anniversary! 🙂

The photo above is from our first wedding. I don’t think I ever shared that we got married on a beach in 2008 with my best friend and her now husband as witnesses and then did a cruise wedding a year later with our closest family and friends. When I found out that Mariah Carey was renewing her vows to Nick for their second time in 2010, I thought, “How ridiculous!”… Only to realize a moment later that I had basically done the same! Haha, but we stopped after our first renewal!

Like most marriages and relationships, we have our fair share of ups and downs. This past year was by far the toughest with moves, renovations, and finances but I’m very thankful that we’re now a stronger team because of it. I want us to grow old together, watch Bruce (and any other children we may have) grow up with our close knit Phamily, and maybe one day renew our vows for the second time! 😉

We have a fun weekend ahead of us since Bruce is turning 3! But he’s been feeling under the weather so we’re hoping he’ll feel better by Sunday for his party.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Smiles,

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