Sisters Seattle Trip Part 1

Sisters Seattle Trip
I’m finally sharing the first part of my trip to Seattle! 🙂 It was such an amazing trip, not only because I got to attend Plush You, but also because my sisters joined in on the adventure. We hadn’t had a sister vacation in nearly 10 years so it was great to catch up and explore! We met up at Sea-Tac, rode the Link Light Rail to downtown, and walked to the Moore Hotel.

Sisters Seattle Trip our view from the hotel

Sisters Seattle Trip on our way to pike place

Sisters Seattle Trip Sisters Seattle Trip

Pike Place has so much more to offer than just seafood and produce. They had a huge selection of local handmade vendors of plush dolls to glassworks. (We were too busy looking through everything to take photos.) One of the huge differences that I saw in Seattle from other cities I’ve been to, was the visible amount of support they have for independent artists and businesses.

Sisters Seattle TripNiko was surprised at the sight of the fish and the amount of garlic!

We had late lunch/early dinner at one of the eateries in Pike Place Fish Market and unfortunately, we were disappointed in not only the food but also the service. From that point on, we decided to stick with what people had recommended which made our bellies very happy. A huge thank you to everyone who gave us suggestions on where to eat!!

For dinner, we ate at The Pink Door.

Sisters Seattle Trip

Oh my, this place had some delicious entrees and desserts! Had it not been on the pricier side, we would’ve dined there again.

On Day 2, we had breakfast with Kristen and some of the Plush You artists at Le Pichet.

Sisters Seattle TripSisters Seattle Tripyummy chocolate au pain

Then we headed to Top Pot to try their famous doughnuts.

Sisters Seattle Trip Sisters Seattle Trip

My favorite was their raspberry glazed doughnut! I loved all their branding too!

We walked around the Space Needle center, took some photos and decided to ride the Duck Tour.

Sisters Seattle Trip

 view of the city from our water tour portion

Sisters Seattle Trip

We were hungry after the Duck Tour so we found Cherry Street Coffee House and split a vegan sandwich.

Sisters Seattle Trip Sisters Seattle Trip

Spotted some graffiti art on our walk back to the hotel.

Sisters Seattle Trip

But before we got there, we stopped by Macrina for some desserts.

Sisters Seattle Trip

Went back to Pike Place to take a photo of the first Starbucks.

Sisters Seattle Trip

We decided to have some wine at the White Horse before Plush You! (You can click the link to read about my experience at my first plush show.) and tried a couple of Mee Sum Pastry‘s humbows. I think these buns were my favorite things I ate on the trip. We even bought a box each to take home on our last day – yes, THAT good!

Our family friends that we hadn’t seen for years came to the show! 😀 They took us to Issian for dinner and Molly Moon‘s for dessert. I hadn’t had really good Japanese food in forever so I ate a ton!

Sisters Seattle Trip

They dropped us off back at our hotel and that concluded our second day in Seattle. Now that I’ve put this post together, I realize we ate A LOT! Hahaha!

Sisters Seattle Trip

…But we walked a lot too! 😉 I’ll share part 2 of our adventure (including all the other places we ate at) in the next post so stay tuned!

Lots of Smiles,

Note: I’ve included links to all the places I’d recommend visiting. 🙂 So if you decide to visit Seattle, there’s a lot of places to check out (and food to eat)!

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