New Bookshelf

Grey Bookshelf
Happy Monday! 😀

I had been eyeing this piece for a month at our local antique shop and we brought it home this weekend! It’s my first antique shop piece and I love it for all it’s imperfections and details.

Grey Bookshelf

Grey Bookshelf

I’m hoping to paint it down the road so it will blend in better with the rest of our home but right now, I’m enjoying our little bookcase as is.

Grey Bookshelf

Do you remember Bruce’s book basket? It’s been overflowing with books! Whenever there’s free books donated to his preschool, he’s the first to pick one up to take home. It becomes his daily read until the next time he spots one in the box. 🙂 His collection continues to grow and this little bookshelf will be the perfect home for his favorites. His current favorite book is Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. He asks me to read the “yell, yell, yell” rhyme at least 3 times when we read through the book. Haha, I wonder why.

I’ll be placing more books after I start organizing but I think some of my penguins are quite happy with a new spot to hang. 😉


And I had to note my beautiful orchids that have survived a month with my black thumb! They just keep blooming so it’s been rewarding watering it every other day. (Thank you, Chi-mama & mom!)

Did you add anything new to your home this weekend? What’s your favorite children’s book? Or do you have any tips for me about taking care of orchids? I’d love for them to last a lot longer than my last two orchids!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Lots of Smiles,

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