I’m ready to share little bits of my personal life again. I may change my mind in a couple weeks, but right now, this feels right. I love being able to look back on old posts and seeing how much things have changed… and how some things don’t. 😉

We moved recently so this (photo above) is my temporary workspace for non-plush making activities. I have a huge list of things I want to do to make this place feel like our home but my mantra now is little by little. Hoping to share little updates as we go!

Bruce's Hats

Baby Bear is growing. He has his own opinions, his own routine, his own fashion sense on what’s “cool” or what’s “not cute.” Haha! But he still wakes up in the morning and crawls into our bed for snuggles. ❤ I hope he does this for years to come.

The other day, I quietly watched him from the corner of my eye trying to decide which hat to wear. He’d go in his room, put one on, come into our room and check himself out in the mirror. “Nope!” Back to his room, put another, into our room, and check again. “Not this one!” After a few more options, he ended up choosing his favorite Woodstock cap – the one with fold down sunglasses that he’s sometimes too shy to show off.

Bruce at JANM

This was from December but I loved how he took in this amazing mural by kozyndan at the Giant Robot Biennale 4 exhibit. He was questioning every part of it, “What are these?,” “Why is this here?,” “What happened to that guy?” and answering through his own imagination. We definitely need to go to more museums this year!

What have you been up to lately?

Lots of Smiles,

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