Bruce Sunset
We were invited to a dear friend’s wedding and stayed in a fancy hotel. It felt like a real PHAMily vacation. We explored a little, ate delicious pastries, and even visited the Tech Museum of Innovation for a couple hours. A wonderful (and necessary!) break from our busy schedules. It felt so good not to be in front of a computer for the weekend. Unplug. Relax. Enjoy the now and watch the sunset.

Bruce at Disneyland

Took Baby Bear to Disneyland for the first time this year. Star Tours fast passes was his top priority. 🙂 The first time he rode this, he couldn’t believe what he experienced, “Mama! Was that real? We really went to space? We went on a real spaceship and flied into space?” Mind blown. I’m not sure whether he still believes it’s real or not but I’ll never forget seeing him in that moment of pure joy.

Brandon & Akiyo

Oh, this is a silly picture but it still makes me laugh. Brandon and I went through the whole day without realizing we were unintentionally matchy matchy. My normal reaction would’ve been “ew!” but I just couldn’t stop laughing this time. Baby Bear took a photo of us to record the moment. Haha!

What’ve you been up to lately? Hope your days are filled with laughter!

Lots of Smiles,

4 thoughts

  1. Omg I remember seriously thinking we went into space everytime on that ride!!! I think my parents played into it too when I would ask. That ride did that to me for a few years. I couldn’t understand how it was not real lol!! Love the photo Brucie took! Adorable and you know Tan just wanted to match you 😉


    1. Lol I couldn’t burst his bubble so I just nodded and asked him if he wanted to go on it again. So we ride it at least once every visit. 🙂 Oh, and have you been on it since the update? SO cool! Esp, if you watched the latest movie.
      And the whole matchy matchy thing – lol, did you watch the ew! link?


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