Little by Little

Phamily Home
My Christmas present from Brandon arrived last week! 🙂 I wanted a letter board to showcase positive messages and a place to teach Bruce and Brandon some phrases in Japanese. I looove it! They better be prepared for some lovey dovey ones for next month.

Phamily Home

Oh, home. Our new home. All I can say at the moment is that we’ve moved into a fixer-upper. Dust, leaks, cobwebs, cockroaches, mold… the list goes on. Yikes! There’s problems we’ve taken care of like the cockroaches and other more expensive problems we’ll have to save up for like pipe issues.

At the end of the day, I’m more than thankful for the roof over our heads and a place I feel safe. It’s going to take a long time before it’s in tip top shape but we’ve made some progress. Remember? Little by little! 🙂

First step: clear out, clean up, and organize.

This has come quite easily since reading Marie Kondo’s first book and KonMari-ing our last apartment. I’m now addicted to purging! So much so that a few of my girlfriends and I have a KonMari Klub to motivate each other of our progress. Since we’ve moved here, we’ve donated beds, TVs, bookshelves, mounds of clothes, shoes, and there’s so much more to go through! I’m itching for simplicity lately and working with what we’ve got. We’ll see where this takes our home at the end of 2016.

Phamily Home

Last weekend, the shoe closet was cleaned out. (Note: Many of the things in the before photos were there prior to us moving in… although we did add to the piles. Haha!)

Phamily Home Phamily Home

Earlier this month, I worked on the pantry and we can finally walk in! 😀

Not every project has been easy though. The dishwasher had mold and mildew because it had been used as a drying rack for years without running cycles. (We use a drying rack on the counter.) I was finally ready to try a cleaning method but when we turned it on, water poured out the air gap. Womp womp. So that’s a new project on our list. As far as cleaning goes, it went from this…


To this…


There’s more scrubbing to do but a far cry from its original state. Any suggestions on cleaning the nooks and crannies or fixing the water out the air gap issue? I really want this thing to work. Help? 😉

Lots of Smiles,

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