February Hike
We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by going on hikes/walks. It feels so good to unplug… Well, sort of unplug since I did take my phone to take these photos! 😉

Hamamori Dinner

Brandon completely surprised me this past Valentine’s Day with an amazing dinner at Hamamori! Our usual Valentine’s dinner consists of In N Out because it’s what we had for our first Valentine’s together at art school.

Fun Fact: Brandon and I use to work at the art school library. Our first Valentine’s together, I had to work the evening shift and close at 10. So Brandon surprised me with a candle-lit In N Out dinner with rose petals and all at the back of the library after our boss librarians left. So creative! 😉 We found out the next day that when they opened the building, people smelled smoke so a crew of firefighters were called to inspect the whole building. They didn’t find anything but it was prooobably from the candles we blew out the night before. :X Oops! Haha! (Sorry, Pati!)

Hamamori Dinner

So yes, this course dinner was a major upgrade to all those burgers we’ve had the past 10 years! 🙂

Bruce's 100th Day Of School

Baby Bear celebrated the 100th day of school! His assignment was to bring in 100 of anything. Naturally, he chose Snoopy so we drew 100 Snoopy’s together on a shirt. It came out so cute and now he’ll be able to wear his own work of art!

Akiyo Bruce Katsu

Last week, we got the happiest news of the year! 😀 I’ll share more details Friday! What’ve you been up to lately?

Lots of Smiles,

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