Disneyland had Annual Pass Days last month so Baby Bear and I made it each week to collect all 4 special pinback buttons! Our next goal is to watch the Disneyland Forever fireworks show. We still haven’t seen it!


Last Sunday, we had our first (annual?) Ishii Phamily Olympics! It all started when Bruce told my dad that he could run faster than him, which snowballed into who’s faster than who in the family. So we held a friendly competition which included a marathon (a mere half a mile around the block), a basketball game of PIG, standing long jump, a dash, and holding a plank position. We are OUT.OF.SHAPE! Haha! My sister’s fiancé won this year but we’re all going to train to do better next year… maybe. 😉


Pooh Bear got a haircut this week and he looks like a puppy all over again. *heart eyes*

What’ve you been up to lately?

Lots of Smiles,

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