Family Room Progress

Paint Swatches
Here’s a tiny peek into our family room progress. 🙂

Removing Mirror

My four favorite guys in the world… if you can spot Katsu. 😉

Wall Surprise

And a little gem we found on one of the walls! Every bit of this process with Kim & Scott and Lowe’s has been ah-may-zing so far! We’re feeling super duper lucky and excited to meet them for the big makeover!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Smiles,

4 thoughts

  1. Awe!! Love the note you found!!! Nick and I have left notes like that in a few places in our current home and last place. I always love imagining people finding them


    1. Such a cool thing I’ve read people do on blogs I read but I never would’ve thought to find one in our own home! 😀 I want to leave something too but I just don’t know what… Maybe a drawing of a penguin? Haha!


    1. Right?! I see you and Kao every time I’m cleaning out the room (pictures, letters, etc.) so I automatically think you guys are here and up to date on the progress. Lol. Today I went through the video cabinet and decided we HAVE to have a day where we watch ALL of them. Oh, the things I’ve found! :X


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