Hello June, already!

We were still busy as a bee in May with baseball, soccer, birthdays, a housewarming, a bbq, and Mother’s Day. Busy in the best way with family, friends, and food. 😉

A few highlights from our Phamily life: Baby Pham is growing and growing! Our last ultrasound is coming up and my new doc is a bit worried about baby’s size since Baby Bear was an 8-pounder. Trying to keep sugar intake on the minimum… trying! >_<

Baby Bear played the Wolf in his first musical, Through the Woods! :’D I’m so proud of his dedication and courage to perform with so much personality. He loved it and said he’d want to do it again! Do we see Broadway or Hollywood in his future? 😉 (Totally joking!)

We visited Disneyland for the last time as a family of 3 (since we’ll be blocked for the summer). Watched Frozen for the first time and I nearly cried every scene but what I loved most was the set design. Brandon and Bruce rode Guardians of the Galaxy and it’s now their favorite ride. 🙂

Lastly, progress on Baby Pham’s nursery is slow but steady. I’m hoping to build the bookshelf today so I can start putting Bruce’s old baby books and toys away. 🙂 Both Bruce’s room and the baby’s room have come a LONG way! Can’t wait to show you our progress once we get further along!

Lots of Smiles,

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