Airplane with Baby Love. (たかいたか〜い)


A wee bit more hair. 🙂

Katsu is finally curious about Baby Love. He goes over to sniff/kiss him and even steps on his hands while he’s at it. 😉


Baby Bear had a big project due today. We had weeks to work on it but completed it last night. Haha! I always thought I’d be more on top of things for my kids… guess not. 😉 We had a ton of fun though because we turned it into a Phamily craft day.

Baby Bear made the Golden Poison Dart Frog and the smallest poisonous frog all by himself! And very close to scale. I love how he put the little one on the bark. He did such a good job!


Here’s Brandon’s and my frog. I think you can tell which one was made by who. Haha! This was Brandon’s 4th attempt… He was so sure he could make a better one after seeing me make mine so fast. We all laughed so much, so glad we joined in. And it confirmed my love for sculpting and using a different medium. I have to take a class one day!


This is so mundane but I never knew the difference a stainless steel cleaner can make. (Left: before, Right: after) I used regular cleaning spray and none of the prints would come off. Finally, lesson learned!

Last week was my first week without Brandon and it went by pretty well with help from my family and encouraging words and advice from friends. We LOVED having him home on the weekend though. Here’s to week 2!

Lots of Smiles,

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