Baby Love has been exploring the train table a lot more now that he can pull himself up. Note: His feet weren’t made for socks. lol.

Just a normal day while Baby Bear is at school. 🙂


Had to get some dog food and this was the first time Baby Love was old enough to be aware of other animals so we checked out the fish, hamsters, and birds. He kind of freaked out and cried when he saw the birds so I guess he’s not a fan. Haha!

Yesterday, we went to my mom’s and we busted out Baby Bear’s telescope to check out the pink moon. 🙂 It was so pretty~!

This past week was going okay until Baby Bear’s open house. When we got home, he realized we forgot to video call Brandon to show off his classroom and all his work. His sad face broke my heart. He didn’t cry. I did, later. It had been awhile since I questioned our choices but he bounced back by the time he saw Jiji (grandpa). We’ll just have to be more on top of scheduling Brandon’s flights home for events like that in the future. 🙂

I’ve been posting a lot more Instagram stories of Baby Love (and sometimes Baby Bear, since he requests his privacy most times) over on my personal account so there’s been less picture taking for my weekly roundup. :p

Lots of Smiles,

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