Baby Love in the same outfit that his big bro wore for his first Children’s Day.

This week was full of awesome accomplishments, including Baby Bear really learning how to swing and loving it. I think the fear from the time he fractured his arm in Japan stuck with him these past couple years but he was finally able to overcome it. Proud Mama right here! And this was also the first time Baby Love went on a swing. 🙂

My first Mother’s Day with two babes and it was simply the best! My sisters each spoiled us with delicious meals and beautiful flowers. 🙂 Brandon gave me my presents a little early by letting me fix up the front yard. We have a long ways to go but it’s a HUGE improvement. Can’t wait to share!

It’s always hard to take a good photo, haha! (And in case anyone else is wondering, no, I’m not pregnant. Just “baby weight” I have yet to lose.)

We wouldn’t be where we are today without this beautiful, caring, superwoman! We love you mom! ❤

I also want to remember how proud I am of Baby Bear this past week. He was struggling a little with baseball but he put in an hour every day after school to practice on his own. By Friday’s practice with the team, his coaches were surprised at his improvement so he was starting pitcher on Saturday’s very important game!! He did amazing (struck out a few kids!) and I’m just so proud of him for not giving up! His team won and is now tied for first. His last game is this Wednesday so we’re really excited to see what happens!! :’D

Oh and as for Baby Love… Our little monkey learned to climb out of the crib, high chair, shopping cart, walker, rocker… you name it, if it doesn’t have a five point harness like a carseat, he can wiggle his way out of it. Haha! So now we have to baby proof everything in the house. Hopefully no more big bonks on the head. Or is that wishful thinking? 😉

Lots of Smiles,

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