10 Goals for 2019

Happy 2019!

Haven’t blogged in forever, I almost forgot how to post one! 🙂 We ended 2018 on a good note and I’m ready to continue the good vibes. There’s a ton of fun things for us to look forward to, like the birth of my niece and a Phamily trip to Hawaii, but the biggest thing we’re crossing our fingers for is Brandon’s return! We don’t have a set date but I’m just happy we’re that much closer for his return. Fingers crossed. So, to get me through this new year, I’m writing out my goals because they helped me tremendously last year. Whenever I felt like I was feeling off, I looked back at this post and I was reminded of the direction I was heading toward.

Here are my goals for 2019:

1. Take care of my all around health.
Daily walks/runs.
Daily meditation.
Yoga 3 times a week.
Mostly low FODMAP diet.
Skincare routine.
2. Read 8 books.
Read the ones I have before buying new ones!
3. Cook more.
I’ve found my love for cooking again but now I want to try weaning off our meal delivery services.
4. Keep 12 plants alive.
I’ve more than doubled my plant babies and I couldn’t be happier! 4 out of 5 of the original are still alive!
5. Print photos and make memory books.
6. Be silly, dance, and sing!
I loved this reminder the most. It helped me shake off bad moods many many times.
7. Be accepting of love and affection and speak with kindness.
8. Make more time with friends.
9. Hit our financial goals.
10. Tackle our home improvement list.
This one’s exciting because I’m hoping a kitchen reno is coming soon! 😀
Learn how to use a mitre saw.

and for good measure…

11. Get Brandon home.

Okay, so it’s exactly the list from last year with a few tweaks but really, why change a good thing. 😉 We also have a family mantra “Finish Strong” (last year’s was “You Got This”) and I’m already seeing how our oldest is applying it to himself. 🙂

Here’s to a year full of smiles!

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