Hello Niko Darling: Chapter 37

Happy Hinamatsuri from Niko!

Today is Hinamatsuri, or Girls’ Day, which is celebrated in Japan so I had to make an episode of Niko with the Hina ningyos (Hina dolls). My late great grandmother sent the dolls from Japan when I was a year old. They’re extra special to us because the Mebina, the empress, has the Ishii family emblem. (Ishii is my maiden name.) They were tucked away for 20 years until my mom convinced me to start displaying them last year because my sister had the first baby girl in the family. I didn’t set up the whole set this year – hello pandemic – but you can check out some of the details in the video and photos below.

the making of

To all the girls, wishing you all good health, strength, and happiness! đź’•

Lots of Smiles,

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