Hello Niko Darling: Chapter 48

Niko tries a dance challenge. My sisters visited a couple weeks ago and it had been a long while since we last got together to do silly things… like scrolling through Instagram Reels and finding challenges to try out. We failed a LOT! 😂 But we had a blast and the best laughs at ourselves.…

Hello Niko Darling: Chapter 47

Niko finds a magic slipper! Will it fit? My sister made purses, heels, and lipstick out of CHOCOLATE(!) for Mother’s Day and I was a lucky recipient of a pink heel! So of course, I had to show Niko! 😉

Hello Niko Darling: Chapter 43

This week, Niko enjoyed a beautiful day relaxing outdoors only to realize he forgot something really important! This episode was 100% inspired by my own mistake when I was doing some yard work last week. 😅

Hello Niko Darling: Chapter 41

Happy Easter from Niko! This week’s episode has a tiny peek of an exclusive item from the April subscription box. 🙂 Can you guess the theme?

Hello Niko Darling: Chapter 40

A little “Did you know?” with Niko! I’m slowly putting together a character background for Niko and there’s so much to consider! 🙂 What would you like to know about him?


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